05 December 2009


I made this last year during my job shadow at The Refinery and Luma Animation Studios (It had nothing to do with either company, i was just, like, uber excited and stuff).
It's about 4 hours work over two days, which is my excuse for the super shoddy quality (All the actual animating must have taken me half that time, and was done without any support for the puppets, which is why they slide around and crawl on the floor alot.)

The cuts may seem like genius cinematography, but were in fact the result of the puppet falling over alot and me not being able to repose them correctly. The music is cool. I did not make it.

Anything that remotely resembles snappy editing and timing, is an accident. That is why I love this movie, absolutely everything is random, happy, horrible accidents.

Fire away!

03 December 2009

Doo Face

Started work on this yesterday, and have now satisfactorily over worked it. It kind of looks like me, so for those of you who don't know me, WHACHA nice to meet you!
On that note, all you folks I address as if not actually figments of my imagination, feel free to drop a comment. On ANYTHING you like! for free! weedodoedooedoodee

01 December 2009

It's so much better, down where it's wetter

Nudibranchs are, in my opinion, the single most awesome animal species in existence. Generally a few millimeters in length, these mollusk-ish beauties are often toxic, and are always brilliantly coloured. I made this nudibranch last week, the glaze crept a little, but it gives an interesting effect. I love mollusks.


Pretty much a stop motion puppet, i made Ivan number 2 for a friend. It's always fun making new puppets, even if sewing makes my fingers bleed (Adds colour, not such a hardship). The head is sculpey bake-and-bend, so it's pretty indestructible. Insulated copper wire doesn't really do the best job as an SMA armature, but he can still be posed to your hearts content. I found the second one (depicted below) just a little bit creepy.


Seeing as i haven't quite finished high school yet, I'm studying *cough* for exams at the moment. So, in place of productivity, here's some five minute doodles I had to get off my brain-stem.

30 November 2009

Easytoon Dump

Ok, easytoon is rad. People will tell you that pencil, pap, etc, are better, but none are as easy, and as bug free, as easytoon. Download it now.


Only really got into ceramic sculpture this year, although i've been exposed to clay since i was a wee pup. My mother is an awesome potter, and if she had a blog, i would share it with you. Anyway, all of this is from the past three or so months.

click to view full size

Toe Nibbler

Mixed media is never not-enjoyable, and digital is just so awesomely experimentation friendly that it... well... it's fun to experiment with. So here is a digitally touched photo of that wax sculpture.

Sculp scalpey skulpe

Here is a bunch of sculpture work, mostly from this year, the tortoise is from last year. The brown bunny is by my cousin, who is rather talented for her age (about 9. It's scary how well she speaks). More old stuff to come, then i can finally get cracking on the new!!

29 November 2009

Howdy do?

Yay first post!

This blog is intended to document my progress, so all can learn from my success, and hopefully note my mistakes. Presently my study is focused purely on art studies, however I do animate silly little things from time to time, which I promise to share.

Criticism is always welcome! Praise is cool, but my head's made of the kind've stuff that allows for rapid expansion, so be careful, or i'll wag my swollen ego at you!

You have been warned!

Here is some of my photoshop work from the past year, enjoy :D (some full rez, sorry if it takes a while to load)