06 December 2010

The Ear of Deception

A month of work, 5 days of voting and my first ever 11second club entry came 5th in the polls out of 295 entries!

This has been one of the greatest learning experiences, and most fun had on a project in my life (so far). Take time to look through the other entries, I was blown away by animations both above and below me in the polls, really great and inspiring work in every imaginable form of animation.


My 11second club entry

My personal favourite entry

All hail to last months winner!!

This is likely to be my last post for the year, so to everyone: a happy holiday season, travel safely and all the best for the new year!

13 November 2010


Evidently, the tiny banana's are ready.

12 November 2010


Having finished our last drawing exam for the year on Wednesday, we're now officially on holiday. i have not seen much sleep since. Despite my body trying to hybernate, i did this today.

Sorry I'm too lazy to write a full post, but there will always be more posts.. yes.
I like the DandyWarhols these days.

06 November 2010

The Green Test

More fun and games, although it's getting pretty serious now. I'll have more soon on the fabrication of the clay-puppets, but for now you have to watch my bored test-monkey.

I'm really excited about this project, and it's just a matter of time(and self inflicted mind mutilation) and it will be finished! But for now, I must take a break.. Exams coming up, and my blog aught to explain what I've been doing instead of studying.


He is way green. I haven't done any comp-work on this, because it's a test. so :P

03 November 2010

Who stole it?

It's finally time I kicked myself in the ass, and this month I have enough free time to enter the 11second club.

For those who aren't familiar with the 11second club, it's a monthly character animation competition, where everyone who enters animates to an 11 second sound clip, usually a dialogue. Check it out, it's lots of fun, and the winner gets an eCritique from animation-mentor!

I'm really intent to do it stop-motion style, so on the first day of the competition I sat down with some close friends, got inspired and came up with some crazy story ideas for the entry. On the second, I set up my home stop-mo studio:

From Art of Stu

From Art of Stu

and began shooting this lipsync test, which I completed this morning:

On the agenda for today is some reference shooting, so I have a better idea about what the hell i'm actually going to do for my entry. These clips might be a bit embarrassing to upload, because there'll be many shots of me acting like an orang-utan. But I'll probably upload them anyway!

From Art of Stu

29 October 2010

Prize in my Flake Nuggets

The fruit of months of labour, love and abuse of rubber latex.(That sounds so very wrong).

This is our end year product for first year stop-frame animation. I directed this film, however the story is a mix of input from everyone on the team, and I'm so happy we went with this one, and let it evolve as production progressed.

This is by far the most fun I've had all year on a project, and it would never have been the same without the friends who were patient enough not to strangle me[Thanks guys], and who were prepared to enjoy every minute(or at least smiled convincingly), and for believing me when I said I knew what I was doing(even when I didn't).

Here's to Sam, who never got to see the finished product. Everyone misses you woman.

Cheers for now.

21 October 2010

Finally I've finished work on the last project for the year (which I am sure to share after some due refinements ;)), and am able to cut together my official Traditional Reel for 2010.

view it here, or visit it's page :D
Music by Felix Laband

Please let me know what you think.

09 October 2010

And now...

Just a snippet of what's been going on lately. I've got a good feeling about this one. :D

08 September 2010

As Promised:

More puppets! some Clay! More fun to come.

I'm beginning to get into arc-time (a name i made up, for thinking at the speed animations progress in. It's not as painful as you may think). I feel moderate progress coming along, although I have yet to perfect my cheap'n'dirty puppets. More innovation is required! And dinner!

When you see my hand, it is only because i wasn't fast enough getting out the frame. It was those particular frames where i had to quickly snap the photo before the puppet fell over, or the special instances where I had to physically hold it to stop it from falling. I could fix this in photoshop, but I feel that the hand snaps add to the medium, a reminder of the temporal nature of animation (In other words, I don't have time for that skwak.)

More soon.

05 September 2010


Admittedly, doing a speed paint everyday is difficult to keep up. Especially when my average Wednesday at varsity is 38 hours long. As well, after uploading them daily, my blog would lose focus, but I will continue to do them, and upload them to my CA.org sketchbook, here

In light of this, here is one I did this afternoon. I like it, which is why it is here. I've been busying myself with more stop motion practice, which will be up soon, I promise.

Indeed, it is a tiny black cow.

31 August 2010

Clay Pasta Pixels

Speed paint for today, I've decided to throw in some still life, my room is full of interesting objects, and my pasta machine has been begging for depiction since I bought it. If i start going insane, you will know, because I will begin uploading images of fruit.

30 August 2010

A speed paint a day...

A new challenge for me, everyday i'm home, i must do a speed paint. Lets see how this one goes...
I've been obsessing with atmospherics of late, hopefully these are starting to capture that. A reminder. There is air! everywhere! and you CAN see it. No jokes.

Roughly rough

Pencil test for my scene of the 40 second project, lovely and rough. I don't want to clean it up. mostly because I'm lazy.

28 August 2010

Puppet animation: There are Prestik stuck to my foot.

Made this puppet ages ago, and have finally got some animation in him! Definitely more soon.

And here be the events of a Wednesday night well spent at school, and surprisingly enough, we got our work done too!

16 August 2010

Makes the Little Boys Hesitate

Finally complete, the DEATH VALLEY BLUES BAND album cover art. The album is due for release soon, and the band itself is the sexiest thing I've ever personally experienced. I hoped to capture that in this image, and please don't mind the clinical-sleaze.

You can check them on MySpace

And connect with them on Facebook

Shake your tail.

11 August 2010

Alone in the Woods

Varsity's been forgiving of late, so I've made time for some personal experimentations. This was inspired by some Disney Cells from the Illusion of Life, and I really wanted to focus on story in this picture. Sketch started in my sketchbook, about 6 months ago. Coloured in photoshop over the past couple days, about an hour or two per day. Also some subtle to not-so-subtle photo-overlay, for texture. Click to enlarge, you know you want to ;]

Let me know what you think

07 August 2010

Did someone say stereotype?

Long time it has been indeed, as varsity has been doing it's job: keeping my mind working; and video games have been doing there's: Massaging the hard-nodules out of my brain fibres, with meat-tenderising hammers of joy and degradation.

So I thought I'd share some school work! Our current project is a 40 second intro, done in the Simpsons style, with an archetypal South African family. Our group of five has been assigned the Naidoo stereotype (my glee is profound and slippery), and I have been assigned the Father character. Marvel at his Bollywood skills.

Having won out in the Pitching-wars City Varsity flings us into, I am directing the group for this project, which is fun and challenging and a great ego-boost. You all should try it out some time.

Here are some poses of my daddy character, enjoy!

I've tried quite hard to involve myself at City Varsity, but it is very difficult to make suggestions when SRC meetings get cancelled (Yes, i'm that guy in the class who signed up for SRC).
I will now vow to put more effort into the Sketch group i started, and hopefully somehow help make a significant change in this academically-disguised money-vacuum that calls itself City Varsity.

02 June 2010

The Cup Cake of Eternal Suffering

Spent the last two weeks working on this, and as with absolutely anything, there's still a ton of mistakes. I like though, nothings perfect. There are about 180 something drawings here, and i didn't spend much time cleaning it up, so it's still kind of rough.

The brief: On three beats, walk a character into a scene, have it interact with an object, then conclude the scene - Make it entertaining.
time given- Two weeks.

Please comment and critique if you have an opinion to give!

26 May 2010

Mind the Joke

Brief: Create a CD cover, using only Photoshop, for a fictitious band, of a genre of your choice.

I haven't had a reason to do any digital painting this year, which is very unjustifiable on my part. I made pretty extensive use of masking and texturing here, but the image was entirely created with airbrushing and other such artsy techniques. It made me proud, and I'll definitely be doing more painting this year, both digital and traditional.

Click to enlarge, uploaded at half original resolution.

Alien Babies

Brief: Storyboard a 15 second commercial for a sweet of your choice. And ink it! We don't know why, just ink it!

So I invented the candy of choice: Alien Babies! Chocolate coated lithium FUN!
I made this little boy character in a moment of inspiration, induced by sleep deprivation! Weeeeeeeeeeeee...........

Click to enlarge

14 May 2010

The Little Mouse that Could.

Of course, it's actually the rat you saw killing your dog last night. Be afraid.

Super sculpey Firm, acrlyic paints and nail varnish. Will upload character sketches on request.

The Molusk Commeth

This ones been in progress for a while now, finally glazed and beautiful, as only snails can be. Glazcor Stoneware I believe, ceramic paint and glaze. Quite a lot of research went into this one, with a great deal of studying the beasts in reality with the old sketchy. The colours are, of course, totally unrelated to reality. But, stranger things have happened.

No Benjamin today? I have no excuses. Except that I couldn't come up with anything. Suffer.

12 May 2010

Walk Cycles

Cycles are a real challeng! No arms or heads for this guy, just legs and a ball. Was tricky getting the feet to look natural, and there are still many problems I can see. Oh well, I have much to learn. Can't wait for characters with arms. It will be glorious.

Walk on 12's (March time):

30 April 2010

Benjamin and the Clockwork Sausage 1

Weekly comic? Fat chance.

Little Box of Delightful Political Insight

Actually it's an animation for school demonstrating a knowledge of materials. And Tetris.
Finally some school work deeming upload-ness! More to come for you my imaginary friends. Be impatient.

04 April 2010

Long time no posts, and I apologize profusely to all my imaginary critics. School has been somewhat frantic, but the lack of dull moments is always welcome. The storyboards so far are the only work I've considered posting, so here they are:

Brief one: Japanese poetry. The lines are from the prescribed poetry, and are not my original work. The drawings are.

Brief two: Song. These lines are from the end of the album The Constructus Corporation presents The Ziggurat, by the Constructus Corporation.

Click to enlarge

13 February 2010

Rose and the Trash Can

For my first order the fat cats at TCK needed a female character to accompany Calypso to NEW YORK CITY for a business pitch, as well as a trash can prop to compliment the cutesy characters. Although the bin is of my own design, the character Rose is another of Barry's designs, as are all of the TCK Orphans. Both maquettes are now delivered, and in New York right now, and that's a bit difficult for me to comprehend right now. Merry Tuesday everybody.


Interning at Ancient Productions has been one of the most constructive periods of my life. Although I have been mostly unable to do any computer work (due to unexplainable stress injuries), I have learned much from the talented artists and business people I've had the good fortune to meet, and although excited, I am sad to be leaving to begin school this coming Monday.

This is not, luckily, the last I will be seeing of them, as I am now working for Trash Can Kidz (The company contracting Ancient) making maquettes of their fantastic orphan characters. The characters are part of the up and coming franchise, and I will provide a link to their site as soon as it's up.

The character below, Calypso, was sculpted entirely at Ancients offices and baked in their oven. Originally intended as a gift for Ancient, it was quickly requested painted and bought by Trash Can Kidz, on top of an order for another character and a miniature trash can. So this is officially my first ever freelance work!

The designs belong to Barry Lewis of Ancient, and i've tried my best to stick to them as accurately as i can manage.

15 January 2010

Amber and Willy

Whilest getting to know amber, I found she is quite easily occupied by the sight of a jumping spider- lets call him Willy- he is almost certainly a girl spider.

More coffee!

Varsity only starts now on the 15th of February (I am in the process of bitching). It's bad enough as it was starting on the 1st, but now we have to sit dormant and happy about it for another half a month? I'm beginning to grow skeptical of these private colleges, especially seeing as the principal seems to have upped and left to.

Rant not quite over, I will now have an extra 15 days to spend on interning! I start on Monday under a company presently producing a web-based flash game, and although my work for them will be very exciting (sweeping, making coffee, etc...) I will probably not be allowed to share any of it here.

So in the spirit of that, here is the devil!

Zoo Trip

Happy new year my best imaginary friends!

It has been a very dormant holiday season on my part, but a trip to the zoo with my best not-so-imaginary friends turned out to be highly productive, although I spent maybe a little too much time with the chimpanzees. There is nowhere more inspiring than the zoo.

Sketching chimpanzees was a very startling experience for me- It shouldn't take careful observation to note how similar they are to humans, but I took my note anyhow. It's difficult not to imprint aspects of human personality on animals, especially when they're enthusiastically trying to smash your skull in through the display-glass. What could be going through their heads to make them smile in such a disturblingly familiar way? Oh, right, that's not a smile- that's a sign of aggression, or so the posters tell me- I'm going to slowly stand up and press my face against the glass now.
Amber, the youngest of the group, was particularly interested in my doodle pad, and would press herself up to the glass and watch, banging insistently if i wasn't paying her enough attention. This gave me ample opportunity to sketch her up close... it was almost as if she was flattered by the gesture. I suggested this to her, but I was foolishly dissapointed to find she was only really interested in my umbrella.

I couldn't include everything, so i've picked out my favourite sketchies. The inky ones were done with a Copiic brush marker, the most fun I've had with new stationary in a long time (the best thing since crayola I tell you) :P

sorry about the elephant sketches, blogger flipped them? weird.