15 January 2010

More coffee!

Varsity only starts now on the 15th of February (I am in the process of bitching). It's bad enough as it was starting on the 1st, but now we have to sit dormant and happy about it for another half a month? I'm beginning to grow skeptical of these private colleges, especially seeing as the principal seems to have upped and left to.

Rant not quite over, I will now have an extra 15 days to spend on interning! I start on Monday under a company presently producing a web-based flash game, and although my work for them will be very exciting (sweeping, making coffee, etc...) I will probably not be allowed to share any of it here.

So in the spirit of that, here is the devil!

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  1. The reason for the above delay has been allayed by the new principal, who is very kind and blamed it on the government.