15 January 2010

Zoo Trip

Happy new year my best imaginary friends!

It has been a very dormant holiday season on my part, but a trip to the zoo with my best not-so-imaginary friends turned out to be highly productive, although I spent maybe a little too much time with the chimpanzees. There is nowhere more inspiring than the zoo.

Sketching chimpanzees was a very startling experience for me- It shouldn't take careful observation to note how similar they are to humans, but I took my note anyhow. It's difficult not to imprint aspects of human personality on animals, especially when they're enthusiastically trying to smash your skull in through the display-glass. What could be going through their heads to make them smile in such a disturblingly familiar way? Oh, right, that's not a smile- that's a sign of aggression, or so the posters tell me- I'm going to slowly stand up and press my face against the glass now.
Amber, the youngest of the group, was particularly interested in my doodle pad, and would press herself up to the glass and watch, banging insistently if i wasn't paying her enough attention. This gave me ample opportunity to sketch her up close... it was almost as if she was flattered by the gesture. I suggested this to her, but I was foolishly dissapointed to find she was only really interested in my umbrella.

I couldn't include everything, so i've picked out my favourite sketchies. The inky ones were done with a Copiic brush marker, the most fun I've had with new stationary in a long time (the best thing since crayola I tell you) :P

sorry about the elephant sketches, blogger flipped them? weird.

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