13 February 2010


Interning at Ancient Productions has been one of the most constructive periods of my life. Although I have been mostly unable to do any computer work (due to unexplainable stress injuries), I have learned much from the talented artists and business people I've had the good fortune to meet, and although excited, I am sad to be leaving to begin school this coming Monday.

This is not, luckily, the last I will be seeing of them, as I am now working for Trash Can Kidz (The company contracting Ancient) making maquettes of their fantastic orphan characters. The characters are part of the up and coming franchise, and I will provide a link to their site as soon as it's up.

The character below, Calypso, was sculpted entirely at Ancients offices and baked in their oven. Originally intended as a gift for Ancient, it was quickly requested painted and bought by Trash Can Kidz, on top of an order for another character and a miniature trash can. So this is officially my first ever freelance work!

The designs belong to Barry Lewis of Ancient, and i've tried my best to stick to them as accurately as i can manage.

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