30 April 2010

Benjamin and the Clockwork Sausage 1

Weekly comic? Fat chance.

Little Box of Delightful Political Insight

Actually it's an animation for school demonstrating a knowledge of materials. And Tetris.
Finally some school work deeming upload-ness! More to come for you my imaginary friends. Be impatient.

04 April 2010

Long time no posts, and I apologize profusely to all my imaginary critics. School has been somewhat frantic, but the lack of dull moments is always welcome. The storyboards so far are the only work I've considered posting, so here they are:

Brief one: Japanese poetry. The lines are from the prescribed poetry, and are not my original work. The drawings are.

Brief two: Song. These lines are from the end of the album The Constructus Corporation presents The Ziggurat, by the Constructus Corporation.

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