07 August 2010

Did someone say stereotype?

Long time it has been indeed, as varsity has been doing it's job: keeping my mind working; and video games have been doing there's: Massaging the hard-nodules out of my brain fibres, with meat-tenderising hammers of joy and degradation.

So I thought I'd share some school work! Our current project is a 40 second intro, done in the Simpsons style, with an archetypal South African family. Our group of five has been assigned the Naidoo stereotype (my glee is profound and slippery), and I have been assigned the Father character. Marvel at his Bollywood skills.

Having won out in the Pitching-wars City Varsity flings us into, I am directing the group for this project, which is fun and challenging and a great ego-boost. You all should try it out some time.

Here are some poses of my daddy character, enjoy!

I've tried quite hard to involve myself at City Varsity, but it is very difficult to make suggestions when SRC meetings get cancelled (Yes, i'm that guy in the class who signed up for SRC).
I will now vow to put more effort into the Sketch group i started, and hopefully somehow help make a significant change in this academically-disguised money-vacuum that calls itself City Varsity.

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