08 September 2010

As Promised:

More puppets! some Clay! More fun to come.

I'm beginning to get into arc-time (a name i made up, for thinking at the speed animations progress in. It's not as painful as you may think). I feel moderate progress coming along, although I have yet to perfect my cheap'n'dirty puppets. More innovation is required! And dinner!

When you see my hand, it is only because i wasn't fast enough getting out the frame. It was those particular frames where i had to quickly snap the photo before the puppet fell over, or the special instances where I had to physically hold it to stop it from falling. I could fix this in photoshop, but I feel that the hand snaps add to the medium, a reminder of the temporal nature of animation (In other words, I don't have time for that skwak.)

More soon.

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  1. Whoop whoop good job friend
    From Rugrat: GHUMBA

    See ya next year

    this is the second time I post a comment
    danm confusing.