13 November 2010


Evidently, the tiny banana's are ready.

12 November 2010


Having finished our last drawing exam for the year on Wednesday, we're now officially on holiday. i have not seen much sleep since. Despite my body trying to hybernate, i did this today.

Sorry I'm too lazy to write a full post, but there will always be more posts.. yes.
I like the DandyWarhols these days.

06 November 2010

The Green Test

More fun and games, although it's getting pretty serious now. I'll have more soon on the fabrication of the clay-puppets, but for now you have to watch my bored test-monkey.

I'm really excited about this project, and it's just a matter of time(and self inflicted mind mutilation) and it will be finished! But for now, I must take a break.. Exams coming up, and my blog aught to explain what I've been doing instead of studying.


He is way green. I haven't done any comp-work on this, because it's a test. so :P

03 November 2010

Who stole it?

It's finally time I kicked myself in the ass, and this month I have enough free time to enter the 11second club.

For those who aren't familiar with the 11second club, it's a monthly character animation competition, where everyone who enters animates to an 11 second sound clip, usually a dialogue. Check it out, it's lots of fun, and the winner gets an eCritique from animation-mentor!

I'm really intent to do it stop-motion style, so on the first day of the competition I sat down with some close friends, got inspired and came up with some crazy story ideas for the entry. On the second, I set up my home stop-mo studio:

From Art of Stu

From Art of Stu

and began shooting this lipsync test, which I completed this morning:

On the agenda for today is some reference shooting, so I have a better idea about what the hell i'm actually going to do for my entry. These clips might be a bit embarrassing to upload, because there'll be many shots of me acting like an orang-utan. But I'll probably upload them anyway!

From Art of Stu