03 November 2010

Who stole it?

It's finally time I kicked myself in the ass, and this month I have enough free time to enter the 11second club.

For those who aren't familiar with the 11second club, it's a monthly character animation competition, where everyone who enters animates to an 11 second sound clip, usually a dialogue. Check it out, it's lots of fun, and the winner gets an eCritique from animation-mentor!

I'm really intent to do it stop-motion style, so on the first day of the competition I sat down with some close friends, got inspired and came up with some crazy story ideas for the entry. On the second, I set up my home stop-mo studio:

From Art of Stu

From Art of Stu

and began shooting this lipsync test, which I completed this morning:

On the agenda for today is some reference shooting, so I have a better idea about what the hell i'm actually going to do for my entry. These clips might be a bit embarrassing to upload, because there'll be many shots of me acting like an orang-utan. But I'll probably upload them anyway!

From Art of Stu

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  1. this is fantastic! I love seeing the stop-motion process. so much planning. good job.