26 May 2010

Mind the Joke

Brief: Create a CD cover, using only Photoshop, for a fictitious band, of a genre of your choice.

I haven't had a reason to do any digital painting this year, which is very unjustifiable on my part. I made pretty extensive use of masking and texturing here, but the image was entirely created with airbrushing and other such artsy techniques. It made me proud, and I'll definitely be doing more painting this year, both digital and traditional.

Click to enlarge, uploaded at half original resolution.

Alien Babies

Brief: Storyboard a 15 second commercial for a sweet of your choice. And ink it! We don't know why, just ink it!

So I invented the candy of choice: Alien Babies! Chocolate coated lithium FUN!
I made this little boy character in a moment of inspiration, induced by sleep deprivation! Weeeeeeeeeeeee...........

Click to enlarge

14 May 2010

The Little Mouse that Could.

Of course, it's actually the rat you saw killing your dog last night. Be afraid.

Super sculpey Firm, acrlyic paints and nail varnish. Will upload character sketches on request.

The Molusk Commeth

This ones been in progress for a while now, finally glazed and beautiful, as only snails can be. Glazcor Stoneware I believe, ceramic paint and glaze. Quite a lot of research went into this one, with a great deal of studying the beasts in reality with the old sketchy. The colours are, of course, totally unrelated to reality. But, stranger things have happened.

No Benjamin today? I have no excuses. Except that I couldn't come up with anything. Suffer.

12 May 2010

Walk Cycles

Cycles are a real challeng! No arms or heads for this guy, just legs and a ball. Was tricky getting the feet to look natural, and there are still many problems I can see. Oh well, I have much to learn. Can't wait for characters with arms. It will be glorious.

Walk on 12's (March time):