08 September 2010

As Promised:

More puppets! some Clay! More fun to come.

I'm beginning to get into arc-time (a name i made up, for thinking at the speed animations progress in. It's not as painful as you may think). I feel moderate progress coming along, although I have yet to perfect my cheap'n'dirty puppets. More innovation is required! And dinner!

When you see my hand, it is only because i wasn't fast enough getting out the frame. It was those particular frames where i had to quickly snap the photo before the puppet fell over, or the special instances where I had to physically hold it to stop it from falling. I could fix this in photoshop, but I feel that the hand snaps add to the medium, a reminder of the temporal nature of animation (In other words, I don't have time for that skwak.)

More soon.

05 September 2010


Admittedly, doing a speed paint everyday is difficult to keep up. Especially when my average Wednesday at varsity is 38 hours long. As well, after uploading them daily, my blog would lose focus, but I will continue to do them, and upload them to my CA.org sketchbook, here

In light of this, here is one I did this afternoon. I like it, which is why it is here. I've been busying myself with more stop motion practice, which will be up soon, I promise.

Indeed, it is a tiny black cow.