07 January 2011

Travellers travelling travellery

I have pointedly noted my power to invent words! On that pointnotedly note, I have just returned from a three week holiday in the Western Cape, and my tan line is immeasurably hysterical. I have kept a sketch book, and I like to share my adventures, so here is an edited version of my holiday, in pencil, ink, and one watercolour. Because I am easily intimidated by new mediums. And women with mustaches.

This is a fisherman I met on the Kalk Bay pier. He gave me some solid advice.

Tommy is a unique kind of duck. He follows people around, quacks a bit. I swear he wanted to climb into my lap. To my disappointment, he only really wanted to nibble my sketchbook.

This, after an hours bare-foot hiking, was a cave over a natural rock pool, one of many permeated by waterfalls, tangly trees and excitable Swedish tourists. The water was lovely and freezing, and the crocodiles only occasionally mentioned and quickly forgotten. They are small, I was told. It is nice to have fish nibble your toes.

People in and around a restaurant.

My first and only day on the beach in the Cape, and a wobbly attempt at watercolour sketching. I will not be discouraged by my wobbly fingers, no!

There was a trip to the aquarium somewhere in there, and you'll be seeing that soon, no doubt. It's difficult not to love sea creatures.

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