17 February 2011

More Pastel Figures

3Minutes each, oil pastel

30minutes, pencil sketch and oil pastel

30minutes, pencil sketch and oil pastel



  1. Hey :)
    I realy like the last one! It shows that you have a good eye and you are not afraid to experiment with the medium you use. That's a realy good thing!
    I think you should also study structure of things. Learn anatomy, perspective etc. Study how things work... This is a general remark concerning all of your work in this blog.
    I honestly think that you have a great sensitivity (which shows in the last sketch), but the best way for you to improve your skills would be to work hard on the basics. Believe me, you will be amazed how quickly you get better and better when you start to understand things and not just "feel"them.

    Good luck Stuart! :)

  2. Back to basics it is then! :) I knew someone would call me out on structure eventually. Thank you so much for dropping by man, this was really helpful.