21 May 2011

Fish Beats and Heavy Sh***

Whew, I've been quiet about this for far too long. Alluded to in a previous post, I had the privelage of working for Mike Scott (bruandboegie.co.za) earlier in the year on a shot in the latest GoldFish Animated music video! My section was done in clay-mation, and appears at the veeeeerrry end of the video.

I have too much respect for the amount of work that Mike put into this, and have to say he is a great director as well as a talented animator.

So yeah, here's the official web release of the Goldfish, We come Together Music Video!

(It's available in juicy 720p HD on YouTube, so watch it there and share it with your friends ;)

In other news, we're doing the "Boxlift" project in 3D animation class, so here is my first rough blocking pass of that! Moom makes a great quadruped rig, because his legs are so very short :D

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