18 May 2011

Iettle 1

This marks the completion of a term-long illustration project. The brief: Create a world from scratch, including environments, creatures and plants. I wish we had more time to go in depth with this, but I'm proud of what I came up with. A write up was a component of the brief, so I'll I'll include quotes to help clarify.

"This is a rectangular, somewhat spoon shaped asteroid floating amidst three moons around a micro-point in space producing low-yield nuclear fusion. In all respects this is like a star, but is in fact the size of a daschoend. The light it emits is of a spectrum far smaller than any human eye can perceive, but to the inhabitants of Iettle, it is thick and tangible.
The largest visible life, present in the Ieiet (eye-ee-yet), the large dent forming the "spoon" resemblance on it's surface, is the forest. Grey-turquoise plants cover the Ieiet from rim to rim, and maintain the thin atmosphere that covers it. The atmosphere does not extend around the entire asteroid."

"Among the herbaceous creatures of Iettle, there are many, and there are few predators in the forest. There are many species of predatory fish in the swamps that prey almost exclusively on each other. The oceans are filled with unknown creatures, though there are occasionally sightings of enormous beasts breaking the surface."

This is the first of three posts on Iettle, I hope you enjoy them :)

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