18 May 2011

Iettle 3, The enVis

The Verastinchanter have this to say on the topic of the enVis:
Although they may not be called crude, the enVis may certainly be called brutal. They exist in a model of perfection that is constantly fluctuating, but in accordance with it's fluctuating laws, justice is severely felt amongst it's people. The perpetrators of lesser crimes are immediately condemned to a proletarian life of workers in the City. As an impoverished proletarian, you are just as likely to starve as you are to be eaten by another starving proletarian. The perpetrators of more severe crimes are stretched on a rack, fed to the townsfolk, strapped to test rockets launched inexpertly into space or some combination of the above."

" All enVis are hermaphroditic, seasonally switching between three observable genders. All three are involved in courtship, and only one survives, neither male nor female, but a dominant child bearing third gender, larger and stronger than the other two, with a veracious appetite. An enVis will bear a clutch of three to four offspring in it’s pregnancy, starting at around 16 embryo. Like sharks, the fetal enVis consume one another in the womb, only the strongest make it to birth."

"The enVis have had technology for hundreds of years, but are presently reaching a renaissance in their world-view and social structure. For example, they have only recently discovered that the stars are not imprinted on a sphere surrounding their tiny asteroid world. They have instead concluded that the marks are light-years distant points of light, not unlike their sun..."

 "...The only problem remaining with this theory, as far as we see it, is that the enVis still believe the sun is simply the unimaginable mass of a hibernating space aphid, and it will awaken soon to scour the asteroid now so abundant with life. We, the Verastichanter, know this to be false, and have had numerous debates on the matter with the photo-synthetic aphids of the forests of Iettle, who share the same belief as the enVis.
The enViss tradition of smoking dried and cured masses of aphid carcasses in elaborate water-pipes has been theorized as one reason for this analogous religious superstition."

"The enVis build their homes as massive communal cities. The structure typically consists of few taller buildings, constructed just as organically as the undercity. The taller buildings are covered and tied at their bases by the constantly fluctuating home-making and taking habits of the lower-middle class enVis.  These will literally eat one and other for possession of a property, however this is not considered punishable behaviour..."

 "...True crime is rather more complicated, and involves chiefly the expression of un-approved ideas. A small offence, say, proposing an intermediary meal between lunch and breakfast, is punishable by life time slavery in the undercity. A larger offence, (say, proposing to school children that super-hot gaseous formations surrounding epicenters of nuclear fusion could be a slightly better explanation of what the sun really is,) could easily land you being tortured and made to read children’s stories to large crowds of infant enViss. You will then likely be consumed as part of their daily brunch."

There are many more sketches, which I will share when I feel like it. I hope you enjoyed my rambles and pictures!

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