24 May 2011

The Way, Blocked

Second block pass finished on Monday, a great deal more time spent on breaking poses down and adding overlap where needed!

And below is the nightmare I have been presented with when I hit Spline. There is much work to be done still. So far I've progressed past this stage, removing hitches from the head, hips and kick-flipping chest. Now I'm re-blocking the hand poses to accommodate the quadrupedal movement, locking the knees and elbows where they contact and smoothing out all the arcs. The deadline is Friday, so hopefully I can pull all the repairs with enough time to polish!

And this is a personal experiment. Thinking about flight, artificial and natural, and simplifying it to a few cubes. My rigging skills are clearly non-existent, but parenting the wings to the middle-beam seemed to do the trick. Too bad about the gimbals... My frustration, it evades description. Any body know how to get reliable rotation out of parented geometry?

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