31 July 2011

Parkour that

This is more or less finished now, and I believe a work all night; party all morning; sleep all day approach has paid off, and I have obviously run out of 2 minute noodles. I have a lot to post here, it's just a matter of deciding what order and how often I aught to do so.

On Friday the 29th July 2011 we said good bye to a great artist, teacher and human being who we had the privilege of being mentored by in our first year at City Varsity. Jeffrey Fineburg lived far more than most ever will in what we know was far too short a life, and he is and will be missed by everyone lucky enough to have known him.

19 July 2011

Parkour this

Don't you just love redoing stuff?

This is my second time around blocking in this project, and I've just finished my first major blocking pass. Done first with the famous MooM rig, my feet, shoulder and head controls glitched out, leaving my hyper-intelligent filing system to do the work of nailing my foot to the floor. The circles I walk are tight, bloody and fast.

Well, with one week and a bit to go before the deadline, I've completely over hauled the entire animation, faster, with more heroic poses. And yes, Max. What a sexy boy he is.

This is an obstacle course designed and animated by our lecturer, Ben Ward.
Yes, those are swinging slicers shortly followed by a smasher of doom. No, that gentleman is not standing on the swinging blade, don't be ridiculous.