29 September 2011

Houdini v1.1.0

I had Sunday afternoon all to myself this weekend, and under the guise of engaging Spring in polite conversation, I rigged a cat made of cubes. His name is Houdini, after a cat who decided it is nice to live at my friend Edward's house. Ed tells me Houdini catches pigeons and eats their brains, and he smells like he does so I believe him.

Download Houdini at CreativeCrash for FREE, he works in maya 2011 and up, but let me know if he works in older versions so I can tell my grandfather.

I'm doing lots of animations with him, they're all terrible so I'll only upload the least terrible ones. Have a good afternoon and when talking to strangers be sure that they don't realise you are a stranger too.

(update* Houdini is still pending moderation on creative crash, so it may be a little while before you can download him.)

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