19 September 2011

Violence is often the answer

Last week (or was it last-of last?) at the Animation SA drawing group, animator and lecturer Ben Ward decided to jump around and wave a sword in a completely un-threatening way. The other animators were absolutely delighted!

For this session we worked in 5, 10 and 30 second poses, then several 1 and 2 minute poses, then regressed back into shorter poses ending with 5 seconders again. The group was divided about whether they preferred the first or second half of the session, myself personally falling into the group that found the second round of progressively shorter poses more fun. I worked with a nifty little Copiic BS brush pen for the first half, then for the second half a 100 Artline permanent marker, brandished in the way a toddler grasps a crayon or a serial killer grasps a bread knife while he frustratedly stabs a loaf of bread into manageable slices.

5 seconds Round 1

10 seconds Round 1

1 min Round 1

1 minute Round 2

10 second Round 2, the rest are just as unintelligible as this one :D  This is the single greatest drawing I have ever done.

In the time between now and the drawing class, I have been offered a job at Triggerfish Animation Studios in Cape Town, South Africa. In the spirit of entering the rat race, I drew this while waiting around in the Dutch colonies before my interview. 

And so I will be a Junior Animator on their second feature film, "Khumba" starting 1st December, and I solemnly swear to be a good rat and race my little rodent heart out in the name of helping to make South African animation awesome!!!

Have a look at their site: Triggerfish

And the work of Daniel Clarke, a concept artist who works there: Daniel Clarke
I met him briefly, and gibbered silently in an unflattering manner. 

Envy? Never.

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