20 November 2011

Here we go

The fruit of the last ASA Drawing Class of the year

So this is my last week in Johannesburg, the teets of whom I have suckled on since the day I was born. but now it is time the apron strings were cut, so to speak, and I shall now coerce my savoury milk from the beautiful bossums of Capetown. I fly for the mother city on the 28th, and my last exam for city-varsity will be completed this Thursday the 24th, which leaves me 4 days to party down and leave some love for the beautiful people(friends, family, cats and trees) who have defined my life in Jozi.

Yes guys, you are the tits, and I'll be damned If I don't have those tits in my future, even if I have to wait a little while to have them in my face once again.