17 February 2011

More Pastel Figures

3Minutes each, oil pastel

30minutes, pencil sketch and oil pastel

30minutes, pencil sketch and oil pastel


15 February 2011

Two Cat Band

This was just for fun, using all my digital painting techniques. Dig on my new web-logo, pretty fresh huh? This was inspired by lots of photographs I took at a recent show, so really I can give credit for this image to Dead Alphabet and Columbus, two local bands that really blow my mind.

Many people I know look down on using reference material. My argument, who's to say there's such a thing as cheating in art? The digital age gives us near unlimited creative power, so why create limitations in a medium dependant on imagination?

I can't stress enough how important reference was in painting this, and experience of the actual subject. Advice from me to everyone who loves making art: Use what you know, what you love, and the entire process becomes much more rewarding.