24 March 2011

Sacks have faces too

Long time, no update! There is a reason for this, being that the author is mind-numbingly busy! Here's a varsity project that I've been working on, handed in a week ago. I still plan to go back in and tweak, polish, fix. There are many things about it that are still preventing it from being a showreel piece, but it will definitely go in there once it's polished!

The brief was to simply get the sack over the obstacle, much creative freedom! This is the flour-sack rig by
Belal Ballout, download it here from creative crash! Really awesome toony sack, great level of control, but simple enough for beginners like me!

Animated in Maya 2011, rendered with Mental Ray.

3D really is an astonishing medium, I've only been learning maya for the past two or so months, and it's already opening so many doors I couldn't ever have imagined existing convincingly in the scope of human ingenuity! More on the way as I get time to post, please feel free to comment and critique, I'd really appreciate any input.