03 September 2012


As of Friday my contract at Triggerfish is complete. With the animation deadline for the film Khumba passed I now return to floating in limbo, gnawing on chocolate with raisins in it while contemplating the work I have done on my first feature film.

Over 100 artists have contributed to Khumba, and the final look of the film is greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone there is working unbelievably hard to make some seriously international quality work, and I can say that what has been done has been done as a team. No one person can take credit for how engaging each shot has turned out, because it passed through so many departments with trust and the confidence that the shot will only get better as it changes hands. I've made friends I plan to keep, and I've contributed to a project I'm excited to see completed - it really is a beautiful looking film.

That said, every day was frantic - deadlines were a gift and a curse. We had to come up with solutions to keep the quality of animation high and consistent while delivering it on a 3 second per day quota. My idea of a good animation workflow has completely changed, and in the future I plan to post about what I've learned in terms of 3D character animation workflow... I have a new appreciation for spline that the 2D purists will spit on - I welcome the argument =)

I can't say the past nine months have been easy, but I can't say they haven't been fun. I've had the pleasure of working with the finest animation talent in the country, and I can't stop thanking you guys for all you've taught me and the good times we've had learning and working together.

Until next time, best wishes to the artists still completing Khumba and to the ones that I left with, I hope we can work together again soon.

If you would like to see my 2012 showreel, drop me mail at vimukun@hotmail.com             

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