29 January 2012

Sandy Toes

It's been horrendously long since my last post, and today i finally found a moment to give an update. I've now found a box in a house in a lovely suburb  in Cape Town to call home, it's affordable and there's a sink and it very seldom tries to bite me. I will upload a photo of my box when it looks less like a hobo lives there!

It's nearly the end of my second month working at Triggerfish and the time has flown. There's alot to making a movie I could never have imagined. Already the scale of the thing is a life time supply of intimidation, and the challenge of meeting deadlines and delivering quality work is both fun and stressful. That said, I've learned more in these two months than I did in a year at City Varsity. The Studio is popping with some of the most talented people I have ever met, and it's easy to become inspired just by walking around and looking at the beautiful work being done on this film. Not that there is much time for walking about :)

Nother town, nother drawing group! And this time, it comes complete with a blog of it's very own. Some of my works been put up alongside the uber-talent of Triggerfish, and my knees wobble in excitement to show you the awesomeness that is ULTIMATE DRAWING TIGERS.