19 May 2012

Out, in progress

I'm sitting in a mountain of snotty tissues, clinging the power cable of my laptop close in case it lets loose and sets fire to my cosy recovery den. The thing that is most fun about winter in Capetown, is your clothes are more wet coming off the line than going on.

For two months now I've been toying around with a short film concept, and last month flew down to Johannesburg to shoot a portion of it and visit some good friends, when they let me. The film is short, less than a minute long, using stop-motion animation with clay puppets and my reluctant body.

Here is one clay puppet, the antagonist and omphalos of my little story, has he not marvelously sexy legs?

 Somewhere in the time between now and then, I blocked myself and my good friend Thomas in my tiny rented room, behind a barricade of rubbish and nonsense, to shoot all the interior shots for the project.
Here's Thomas, helping me to cover one side of my room with bad journalism, pre-lock down.

This entire thing fell down while we took a break, and had to be redone before shooting.
Nonsense Barricade. We could not leave the room during the shoot, to preserve continuity. Thomas is still recovering from the isolation.

The project consists of using stop motion techniques and my ectomorphic-pseudo-athleticism to create peculiar effects, and use them to tell a story. Here's one such effect, shot that day:

Next week, if my nose permits it, I hope to shoot some of the exterior shots, and in the following months, if I do not scare him away, Thomas is going to design the sound for this picture poem we are making.

Watch this space: should it be that I survive the winter, there will be more posts.