13 March 2013

Daily dailies

This is an experiment inspired by Beeple, an animator and illustrator from the states who produces under the Brain Feeder label. It is also inspired by my friend, Tom, who, inspired by Beeple, decided to make a song a week, thereby introducing me to Beeple. Check Tom out over at ELPHNT.

There's something to be said for daily practice of a single discipline, so I've chosen to write a short story, 100 - 200 words only, daily and illustrate a small picture to go with it. So far I've got 3, with another on it's way up this afternoon. This is with the hope of developing my story telling skills in both literary and visual technique, all towards the goal of putting together a graphic novel or something like it.

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So far the first is still my favourite, but there's still time to top it.

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My desk is a pickle.

18 February 2013


My first graphic story -Much like a graphic novel, only tinier.

Here for you to read on the internet for free! Go, tell me what you think :) Click here to read it

I had a lot of fun doing it, I hope to do another soon, and eventually have enough material to make a grown up graphic novel.

25 January 2013

Scribbling Stories

Something I've wanted to do, for a very long time, is make a graphic novel. I've finally come around to starting a short graphic story, and I'm excited to soon have one, or two or three under my belt, and eventually pluck up the courage to do one on a larger scale.

Work in Progress
One challenge, which I was not expecting, is keeping consistency of design throughout your story as you get better at drawing your characters. This is something I'll try avoid in the next attempt at Picture-story telling... with luck there will be opportunity for many more attempts!